يارب : إذا جردتني من المال اترك لي الأمل .. وإذا جردتني من النجاح اترك لي قوة العناد حتى أتغلب على الفشل .. وإذا جردتني من نعمة الصحة اترك لي نعمة الإيمان

17 ديسمبر 2014

mohammed hosny

جميع تعريفات المنهج
1. Uniform : Something you wear to work and it helps to identify you .
2. Grandchildren: The children of the son or the daughter.
3. A delegation: It is sent by a company to speak for it at a meeting.
4. Air conditioning: It is used to make fresh air and coal in a hot building.
5. Surgeon : performs / does / carries out operations.
6. Civil engineer: designs roads, bridges, dams and the infrastructure of the state.
7. Architect: designs houses or small buildings.
8. receptionist: receives important people at the company.
9. News reporter: reports people's speech, news and headlines for newspapers
10. Programmer :writes computer programmes .
11. Professor : gives lectures and does researches at the university.
12. Hardware : repairs computers.
13. Mechanic : repairs machines and equipment .
14. A lawyer speaks for people in the court .
15. Currency the money of a country (group of countries )like dollar, pound, ..etc
16. Bank notes money, which is made of paper.
17. Coins money, which is made of metal like gold or silver .
18. Cash carrying money in your pocket and using it for paying for something.
19. Credit  getting goods before paying.
20. Credit card  plastic money, which is used for buying things and paying later.
21. Debit card  plastic money when you use it ,money leaves your bank immediately.
22. Surf the net: looking for something on the internet .
23. A bank account  an arrangement that allows you to keep money in a bank .
24. User – friendly easy to use , good treatment.
25. Traditional: an old or way , out of date .
26. Cheque: a paper, which is an instruction to the bank to pay money to someone.
27. Accounts keeping money in a bank or the money, you have in a bank .
28. A bargain Something that is a good price .
29. Online : to be connected to the internet .
30. A survey a report about people's opinions of something .
31. Broadband a fast connection with the internet .
32. Catalogue a large book contains pictures of a product.
33. Barter exchanging goods is an old way of buying things.
34. Adult fully grown person.
35. A team  people who play or work together in the same place.
36. individual one person who plays or work alone or on his own.
37. pack wild animals that hunt together such as lions or wolves.
38. Group several people , animals or things are all together in the same place.
39. cooperate to work with someone else in order to achieve what you both want.
40. Attach to fasten or join one thing to another.
41. Bring up to look after children until they are adults.
42. Situation the condition of the things that are happening and existing.
43. String: a thin rope made of several twisted threads , used for tying things.
44. Tolerance: allowing others to do what they want without criticizing, punishment
45. Optimistic expecting good news , good things or good events
46. Pessimistic: expecting bad news, bad things or bad events
47. Navy the ships or submarines that are used for fighting a war on the sea
48. Shelter: a place to keep you dry and safe.
49. Split to divide ( into)
50. Violent wanting to hurt people
51. Cruel to be unkind and hurt people or animals
52. Literature novels, stories , poems , poetry……etc.
53. Shocked the feeling you have when something bad happened.
54. Capture to catch someone or something to keep them .
55. Sea level the average height of the sea.
56. above in or to a higher position than something else .
57. summit the top of a mountain or something else .
58. challenge Something difficult or new that needs effort or skill.
59. conquer get or win control over a problem or a feeling or defeat an enemy.
60. lifelong continuing through your whole life.
61. mountaineers People who climb mountains. * slightly : a little
62. toddler a child who has just started walking .
63. professional a person who does something for money .
64. chain   A group of shops, hotels, etc. that are owned by the same person or
                  company      *It is a type of jewellery           *You use it to connect things.
65. chief: highest in rank.
66. representative: someone who is chosen to do things and speak for someone else.
67. yield: the amount of money or the quantity of something
68. Fruit grapes, peaches, oranges, melons, dates, pomegranates, mangoes, ,
69. Vegetables: green beans, garlic, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, pepper....etc
70. afford: to have enough money to pay for something.
71. corporation: a large business organization.
72. distribute: to supply goods to shops and companies in a particular area .
73. economy:  the way that money, business and product are organized in a country
74. employ:  to pay someone to work for you .
75. Global: affecting or including the whole world.
76. goods: things that are produced in order to be sold.
77. Technology equipment, methods, etc. that are used in science or industry.
78. wages: all the amount of money that someone is paid daily or every week
79. act :    perform in a play or a film .
80. army part of a country's military force that fights on land.
81. canoeing activity or sport using a long narrow boat on rivers or seas.
82. collection a set of similar things that are kept together.
83. continuously  without stopping.
84. except   not including.
85. savings It is the money you don't spend but keep in the bank .
86. valuable It is something that is worth a lot of money.
87. admire: to look at someone or something and think how beautiful they are
88. ball a large formal occasion where people dance.
89. debt money that you owe to someone.
90. identical exactly the same.
91. necklace a piece of jewellery that you wear around your neck.
92. manual working using your hands, especially doing hard physical work.
93. festival a time when people celebrate something or an occasion
94. amateur someone who does something for enjoyment and not as a job.
95. professional: a sport or an activity are played by people who are paid .
96. benefit: if something benefits someone, it helps them .
97. Highlight the most important, interesting, or enjoyable part of something.
98. destroy to damage something very badly, so that it cannot be repaired.
99. career: the period of time in you life that you spend working.
100. take place : to happen.
101. take part in: to do something together with other people .
102. exercise: Physical activity that you do in order to stay strong and healthy.
103. bronze medal the prize that you get for coming third in a race or competition.
104. boxing: a game in which two men fight by hitting each other.
105. judo: a sport which you try to throw your opponent onto the ground.
Language Study On Vocabulary
Make or Do

make parts of cars
يصنع أجزاء السيارات
do an operation
يجرى عملية جراحية
make a difference
يحدث اختلاف فى
do work
يقوم بالعمل
make a decision
يتخذ قرار
do a job
يؤدى وظيفة
make a mistake
do a project
يقوم بمشروع
make an ass of
يسخر من
do research on / into
يعمل أبحاث على
make a choice
do the homework
يحل الواجب
make friends
يتخذ أصدقاء
do post graduate studies
الدراسات العليا
make a suggestion
يقدم اقتراح
do a favour
يقدم خدمة أو معروف
Ÿ arrive: يصل ( لا يليه مفعول به)        - The plane has just arrived.
Ÿ arrive at (an airport / school / station): يصل إلى (مكان صغير محدود)     
Ÿ arrive in (Cairo / London / France): يصل إلى (دولة / عاصمة / مدينة كبيرة)  
Ÿ reach: get toيصل إلى (يليه مفعول به و لا يليه حرف جر)             
Ÿ do / carry out / perform an operation:  يقوم باجراء عملية جراحية
Ÿ have an operation:  تجرى له عملية جراحية
Ÿ qualify as + وظيفة :  يتأهل كـ    - He studied medicine and qualified as a doctor.
Ÿ enjoy / like / stop + v. + ing:
    - He enjoys / likes working in a big hotel.  - He stopped smoking.
Ÿ with heart problems:  يعانى من مشاكل فى القلب
Ÿ make + object + مصدر    يجعل    - The film made me cry.
Ÿ continue +v. + ing / to + inf. :     يستمر فى
    - Although he retired, he continued researching / to research new treatments.
Ÿ reason for + noun / v. + ing:   سبب  - I don’t know the reason for his failure
Ÿ reason + why + جملة : سبب     - I don't know the reason why he failed.
Ÿ would like to + مصدر: يريد     - I’d like to be a doctor.
Ÿ proud to + مصدر: فخور أن  - I’m proud to help make my country better.
Ÿ proud of + اسم:    فخور بـ  - I’m proud of my father.

Ÿ let + مفعول  +  مصدر :  يدع / يسمح  - Father let me use his mobile phone.     
Ÿ allow + مفعول +to + مصدر:يسمح  - Father allowed me to use his mobile phone.
Ÿ another:         (آخر (اضافى / مختلف    - I'm going to have another piece of cake.
Ÿ other + اسم مفرد أو جمع:   الآخر   - Tom and three other boys went fishing this afternoon.
Ÿ others:    (الآخرون (تشير الى أشياء أو أشخاص - Some people are rich while others are poor.
Ÿ steal:      يسرق شيئا  - The thieves stole five million dollars from the bank.
Ÿ rob: يسرق من مكان أو شخص They robbed a bank last week.  - He robbed me last night.
Ÿ rob (someone) (of): يسرق من شخص شئ      - Someone robbed me of my watch last night.
Ÿيستخدام حرف الجر    on في الحالات الآتية:
    on television    on the radio             on the telephone             on the internet
Ÿ يستخدم حرف الجر  on    مع الأيام ويستخدم  in    مع الشهور و السنين: 
    on Monday, Friday, Sunday                 in May, April, August
Ÿ وعند تحديد اليوم مع الشهر (والسنة)نستخدم   : on
    on 2nd May                 on March 1st, 2010

Ÿ Why don’t we/you + مصدر ……..?     و لم لا   Why don’t we go out for a meal tonight?
Ÿ The reason why + جملة :   سبب - The reason why he failed is that he didn't study hard.
Ÿ take + اسم / ضمير  + مدة زمنية + to + inf.: يستغرق     - It took me a long time to finish.
Ÿ promise to + inf.:  يوعد                                       - He promised to call me every week.
Ÿ يمكن استخدام التصريف الثالث من بعض الأفعال كصفة
a broken window         شباك مكسور          a stolen car        سيارة مسروقة
Ÿ لاحظ استخدام فعل مفرد بعد أسماء الكتب حتي لو كان الاسم يدل علي الجمع:
- Gulliver's Travels is a funny novel.

Ÿ debit card: بطاقة مسبوقة الدفع وعند شراء شيء يخصم ثمنه من حسابك مباشرة 
Ÿ credit card: بطاقة ائتمان وتستخدم في الشراء ويخصم الثمن من الحساب فيما بعد

Ÿ borrow:     يستعير / يقترض
- Can I borrow your car?           - Hala borrowed a camera from Dalia.
Ÿ lend:  يسلف / يقرض               - Can you lend me your camera, please?
       - Dalia lent Hala her camera.    - Dalia lent her camera to Hala.

Ÿ would rather + مصدر  :               يفضل       - I’d rather have lunch outdoors.
Ÿ would rather + مصدر + than + مصدر       - I’d rather study than watch TV.   
Ÿ would prefer + to + inf. مصدر  : يفضل       - I’d prefer to have lunch outdoors. 
Ÿ prefer + v. + ing + to + v. + ing: - I prefer staying at home to going to the cinema. 
Ÿ prefer + nounاسم  + to + noun اسم :         - I prefer tea to coffee.
Ÿ look forward to + v. + ing:  يتطلع الى 
              - I look forward to spending my holiday in Paris.
Ÿ go + v. + ing:       تستخدم هذه الصيغة مع عدد من الأنشطة و بخاصة الأنشطة الرياضية
      - go fishing / swimming / shopping          يذهب للصيد / للسباحة / للتسوق
Ÿ Interestingly:  بشكل مشوق (تأتى أول الجملة)
     - Interestingly, many people prefer to use traditional banks than online banking.
Ÿ discover:              يكتشف (شيئا كان موجودا)       - Columbus discovered America.
Ÿ invent:  يخترع (شيئا لم يكن له وجود من قبل)       - Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.

Ÿ decide to + inf. مصدر:   يقرر أن         - He decided to buy a new mobile.
Ÿ decide on + noun اسم:        يختار      - They decided on a name for the baby.
Ÿ agree with + شخص أو شئ:  يتفق مع            - I don't agree with hunting.
Ÿ finish + v. + ing:           ينتهى من / ينهى   - I finished doing my homework.
Ÿ promise + to + مصدر:                              - He promised to lend me his new camera.
Ÿ manage to + مصدر     يتمكن من     = succeed in + v. + ing:  ينجح فى
Ÿ start + v. + ing / to + مصدر: يبدأ                -It started raining / to rain.

Ÿ out of the blue:        فجأة / بغتة              Ÿ make my day:   يسعدني
Ÿ keep your cool:  يبقى هادئ الأعصاب        Ÿ a close call:  النجاة بأعجوبة 
Ÿ in a tight corner:  في مأزق حرج / فى ورطة

Ÿ amateur: هاو                a sports person who does not get paid. لا يحصل على اجر
Ÿ professional: محترف    a sports person who gets paid.    يحصل على اجر
Ÿ elder:   (than للمقارنة بين اثنين داخل العائلة و لا يليها) أكبر سنا من       -My elder brother is a pilot.

Ÿ lose:  يخسر          - The team played well, but lost the game.
                             - He lost a lot of money at races.
Ÿ miss:  يفتقد (شخص / مكان)  / يفوته (وسيلة مواصلات)
   - I miss my old friends very much.     - He missed the 9:30 train.

Ÿ the first / the only / the last ….  + to + مصدر   :
-                      Tom was the first person to come to the party.

Ÿ I wish I could + مصدر:  أتمنى (تعبر عن أمنية فى المستقبل) 
   - I wish I could give up smoking.

Ÿ either: أيضا (تستخدم فى نهاية الجملة المنفية)   - I don't like football either.
Ÿ too:   أيضا (تستخدم فى نهاية الجملة المنفية)     - I play tennis too.
Ÿ learn يتعلم / teach يعلم + how to + مصدر  / to + مصدر : 
بعد الفعلين learn / teach  نستخدم (مصدر (how to + أو (مصدر (to +
   - I'm learning (how) to play the piano.    - Mother taught me (how) to cook.

Ÿ export ……… to:   يصدر ...... الى     - Egypt exports cotton to many countries.
Ÿ import …… from:  يستورد ....... م    - Many countries import cotton from Egypt.
Ÿ made from: مصنوع من (مادة تتغير و لا نراها)     - Bread is made from flour.
Ÿ made of: مصنوع من (مادة لا تتغير و نراها)          - Furniture is made of wood.
Ÿ made in:  مصنوع فى (مكان)                            - We should buy goods made in Egypt.  

Ÿ economic: اقتصادى ( ترتبط بالتجارة و الصناعة)        
                     economic situation موقف / system  نظام/ problems / development نمو   
Ÿ economical:  اقتصادى ( ترتبط بتوفير الوقت و الجهد و المال )
                     economical person / machine

Ÿ salary:   مرتب (شهرى أو سنوى)                
Ÿ wages:   أجر (باليوم أو الساعة أو الأسبوع)
Ÿ fare:                               أجرة (مواصلات)    
Ÿ fees:       (أتعاب (طبيب/ محامى)- مصاريف (مستشفى خاصة أو مدرسة خاصة
Ÿ hire: يستأجر (لفترة قصيرة)                                  - She hire a dress for the party.
Ÿ rent: يستأجر (لفترة طويلة)                               - I'd like to rent a flat to get married.
Ÿ trade in: يتاجر فى (سلعة)           Ÿ trade withيتاجر مع (شخص / دولة) 
Ÿ spend + مفعول + v. + ing: يقضى                   - He spent his time studying the reports.
Ÿ look forward to + v. + ing :    يتطلع الى        - I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Ÿ be located in: be situated in  يقع فى (دولة أو قارة)      - Egypt is located in Africa.
Ÿ be located on: be situated on   يقع على (محيط أو بحر أو قناة أو نهر)
- Port Said is located on the Suez Canal.
Ÿ لاحط أن كلمة chief تأتى مع كلمات مثل engineer / buyer
chief buyer: رئيس المشتريات                  chief engineer : كبير المهندسين

Ÿ a couple of: two   (زوج ( اثنان من نوع واحد - I'll be with you in a couple of minutes.
Ÿa couple: a husband and wife         زوجان     - Mr and Mrs Ahmed are a nice old couple.
Ÿ a pair of: زوج من (شئ واحد يتكون من جزأين غير منفصلين)            
       a pair of shoes/glasses/trousers/scissors/gloves/jeans
   زوج من (الأحذية/نظارة/بنطلون/مقص/قفاز/بنطلون جينز)

Ÿ Would yopu + mind + v. + ing:          هل تمانع
     - Would you mind leaving the door open?
Ÿ suggest + v. + ing:يقترح      
    - He suggested spending the evening in the club.
Ÿ suggest that + فاعل  +مصدر  : يقترح   
   - Tom suggested that I look for another job.
يمكن أن نستخدم should قبل المصدر
   - Tom suggested that I should look for another job.
Ÿ spend + مفعول  + v. + ing:  يقضى       
   - He spent the evening writing invitation cards to his friend.
Ÿ refuse + to + مصدر :  يرفض أن      - He refused to lend me his new camera.
Ÿ لاحظ هذه التعبيرات مع tell
  - tell the time  يبين الوقت       - tell the truth           يقول الحقيقة
  - tell a story    يحكى قصة       - tell the difference  يبين الاختلاف
  - tell a lie / lies  يكذب   

Ÿ gain:(experience خبرة/information معلومات / Knowledge معرفة) يكتسب   /يزداد
Ÿ earn: (money / his living) يكسب المال / عيشه (من العمل الجاد)      
Ÿ win: ( a race / a cup / a medal)                   سباق/ كأس/ ميدالية)  )يفوز
Ÿ beat: ( someone / a team)                                 فريق/ شخص)  )يهزم
و الآن مع بعض الافعال والصفات المرتبطة بحروف الجر
( able to:   قادر علي                                     He was able to climb the hill.
(ability at :   القدرة علي                { good at - bad at - clever at — skilful at — quick at }
         She shows great ability at drawing.                He is not good at Mathematics.
 ( accused of:  متهم بـــ                                He was accused of killing his wife.
( accustomed to  اعتاد علي                         I am accustomed to getting up early.
( afraid of:    خائف من                               ( scared of - frightened of - terrified of )
( agree with:            {a person } يوافق شخص                         I always agree with you.
( agree about:  {a subject of discussion} يوافق علي موضوع I agreed about most things.
( agree to:  {suggestion }                            At last he agreed to my suggestion.
( aim at:     يهدف إلي                                     She aims at getting high marks.
(aim at:      يصوب إلي                                   The hunter aimed at the bird.
( alarmed at: منزعج من                                         Nadia is alarmed at the noise.
( angry with: { a person }  غاضب من شخص  annoyed with:         I am angry with him.
( angry about / for  { something }              I am angry about / for his bad behaviour.
( anxious (worried) about  قلق        He is anxious about the results of his examinations.
( apologize for  يعتذر عن                              I apologized for my mistake.
( apply for a job:   يتقدم لوظيفة                      He can apply for this job.
( ask for:  يطلب                                            Don’t ask for troubles.
( arrive in :  يصل إلي (مكان كبير )                   What time does the plane arrive in London?
( arrive at:   يصل إلي (مكان صغير )                 When did you arrive at the village?
( ashamed of:    خجلان من                            She was ashamed of her behaviour.
( astonished at:  surprised at / shocked at    I was astonished at his bad conduct.
( attach to :  { join } يتصل بـ                  He attached the wire to the radio.
( aware of :   مدرك بــ                              I was aware of what had happened.
M believe in يؤمن بــ                               We believe in one God.
M belong to   { someone } ينتمي إلي       This coat does not belong to me.
M blame ……..for:   يلوم علي               The policeman blamed him for driving carelessly.
M blow up: يفجر / يكبر الصورة             The building was blown up by the terrorists.
M boast of( about) يتفاخر                      He boasted of his famous uncle.
M borrow ... from   يستعير   من               I borrowed this book from the library.
M bored with :  يمل من شيء        She is bored with doing the same thing every morning.
M break down:  يتعطل                   I need a mechanic. My car broke down.
M break down: ينهار                      She broke down when she heard the bad news.
M break into:  يقتحم                      The thief broke into the house.
M break off:  يفسخ                           They broke off their engagement.
M break out: تشب الحرب / الحريق      War broke out in 1973.        Fire broke out all night.
M bring about  / happen               Science has brought about many changes in our life.
M bring up:   يربي                          Bringing up children is not an easy task.
M buy… for:  يشتري   بـ                 Noha bought this dress for 200 $.
N call on (visit)  يزور                    We can call on Suzy tomorrow.
N call after :     يسمي باسم               She was called after her mother.
N call back: يعود                           The salesman will call back in the evening.
N call off:  يؤجل                              The football match was called off because of the rain.
N calm down:  يهدا                                       Calm down and don’t lose your temper.
N care about:  يهتم بــ                                    Do you care about winning a prize?
N carry on : (continue)                                We can carry on our discussion at night.
N carry out :   ينفذ                                         Surgeons carry out operations.
N capable of: { thing } قادر علي                      He is capable of doing a lot of things
N careful of:  يراعي                                        You should be careful of your health.
N charge with:  متهم بــ                                 This man was charged with murder.
N check in: يفحص/ينهى إجراءات                    [ report one’s arrival at a hotel /an airport]
                          You must check in at the airport two hours before the plane leaves.
N come about:  يحدث                        How has it come about that it rains in July.
N complain to:     يشكو إلي                I complained to the manager about the food.
N complain about (of):  يشكو من     Mary is complaining about the noise.
N concentrate on:  يركز علي             Please, concentrate on your work.
N consist of:      يتكون من                 The robot consists of several parts.
N congratulate on: يهنئ علي           She congratulated Noha on her success.
N confidence in:  ثقة في                    You should have confidence in me.
N covered with:   مغطي بــ                  The table Is covered with dust.
N crowded with :  مزدحم بــ                The cinema is crowded with people.
N crash into:  { drive into — run into } يصطدم بــ   His car crashed into the wall.
N cure of (V.)     يعالج من                   This medicine cured me of the cold.
N cure for + (n.) علاج لــ                     Doctors didn’t find cure for some diseases.
N curious to          فضولي انـ                Rana was curious to know the secret.
Ncut out      يفصل بالقطع                      He cut out the funny picture from the magazine.
N cut off:       يفصل / يقطع                   The company cut off electricity last night.
% deal with: يتعامل مع                    This book deals with many subjects
% deal in:    يتاجر في                          This company deals in buying and selling cars.
%depend ( rely ) on: يعتمد علي            Children usually depend on their mothers.
%die down:  يهدا / يخمد             Wait until her anger dies down. The fire died down at last.
%die of     يموت من                             Many people die of hunger in Somalia. J
%different from: مختلف عن                She is completely different from her mother.
% difficulty in:    صعوبة فــ                   He found great difficulty in learning Latin.
% disappointed in /with:                 My parents will be disappointed in / with me if I fail.
% disappointed about / at:                  I am disappointed at / about losing the race.
% divide into: يقسم الي                           She divided the cake into two parts.
% draw up: reach / stop                       The car drew up at the station.
% dress up:      يتخفى في           The clown dressed up funny clothes to make people laugh.
%dream of: يتخيل                                   I always dream of becoming a millionaire.
% dream about: :  { asleep } يحلم بــ       I dreamt about a fire that broke out in the room.
% dressed in:                                         The waiter was dressed in black.
% drop in: [ a short informal visit ] يزور من غير ميعاد    You can drop in for a cup of tea.
%drop off: {sleep for a short time }  ينام     My father always drops off in the afternoon.
%drop off: ينزل شخص                         You can drop me off at the end of the street
% drop off  يخفض                               His interest in chess has dropped off
% drop down  يسقط                            The apple dropped down from the tree
%due to         نتيجة لــ                           The accident was due to his careless driving.
' eager for:        شغوف بــ              They are eager for success.
' effect on:        تأثير علي             Soft music has a good effect on me.
' engaged in: منهمك في                 Sami is engaged (busy) in his new job.
' envious of:     غيور من               She is jealous of her friend.
' exchange for:    يستبدل بــ            Farmers exchange cotton for wheat.
' Exception to:  مستثني من            What he said is exception to his behaviour.
' excited about : worried مثار لـ   Jane was excited about meeting her uncle.
' excuse for: يعذر                          He excused his son for not coming early.
$ fade away: تذبل/ تبهت            Plants need water otherwise they fade away.
$ famous for:مشهور بــ               He is famous for his bravery.
$ fail in:  يفشل في                        He failed in winning the prize.
$ fond of:    مغرم بــ                     She is fond of chocolates.
$full of:       مملوء بــ                    This bottle is full of oil.
$ fill in:   يملا استمارة                    You should fill in this application form.
$fill with:  يملا....بـ                       He filled the pen with ink.
& get across: make clear يوضح    He got the problem across to me .
& get by: يكسب بالكاد                              having just enough money to live
& get away with:  يفلت من العقاب           escape punishment
& get over:  يتغلب علي / يشفي من مرض                    He got over his serious illness.
& get rid of:   يتخلص من                      At last he got rid of his bad habits.
& get along with:   يساير                     Tom couldn’t get along with his classmates.
&get on          يصعد                              The bus is full. We cannot get on it.
&get off:  يهبط                                    We should get off the bus at the next stop.
&getup:   يستيقظ                                  What time did you get up?
& get through:  ينجح                            Dina got through her test
& give away:    يفضح                             His shaking hand gave him away.
&give in: yield  يستسلم                          It was such a difficult problem that I gave in.
&give up:        يقلع عن                           He gave up smoking.
& glad of / about: مسرور من                  She is glad of the news.
& good at:             جيد في                       I am good at marketing.
& good for:           حسن لـ                       Much food is not good for health.
& good to:           عطوف علي                   You must be good to your mother.
& guilty of:          متهم في                        He was guilty of murder
6 hope for:           يأمل في              Everyone hopes for success.
6ignorant of:        جاهل بــ              He is ignorant of even the simplest facts.
6 indebted to: (grateful to )  مدين لــ          Students should be indebted to their teachers.
6 insist on:    يصر علي                                He insisted on telling lies.
6 interested in:    مهتم بــ                            I am interested in fishing
6indifferent to     غير مهتم بـــ                     He is indifferent to what his friend said..
7 kind to:  nice to/polite to . لطيف        We should be kind to animals.
7 kind of:  عطف من                                    It’s very kind of you to come to my party.
7 keen on:  متحمس لــ                                 I am not very keen on coming.
7 knock down: يلقي أرضا                           He was knocked down by the boxer.
I laugh at: .       يسخر من                   People laughed at him because of his hair cut.
I leave for:        يغادر إلي                                He is leaving for America.
Ilisten to:          يستمع إلي                              Listening to the BBC improves your English.
I live on:             يعيش علي                              He lives on his wife’s income.
I look at:   ينظر الي                                          Why are you looking at me like that?
I look after:   يعتني بــ                                       A child needs someone to look after him.
I look for:   يبحث عن                                         I am looking for my lost keys.
I look forward to:    يتطلع إلي                           I look forward to hearing from you.
I look on: [ without taking part]  يتفرج          Don’t stand looking on. Try to help me.
I look out: [ care ]  يحرص                       You should took out before crossing the road.
I look round: [ at everything ]  ينظر إلي كل شيء     Hanan likes to look round the shops.
I look up :  يبحث عن كلمة في قاموس             You can look up new words in the dictionary.
C make-up:  ماكياج                                      Too much make-up looks unnatural.
C make up : (a story, an excuse) يختلق قصة    He is a big lair He always makes up stories.
Cmake out: see  يري/ يميز                              I can make out a star in the sky.
C make for: go  يتجه نحو                               We made for Alexandria at dawn.
Cmake up for:   يعوض                                   The referee should make up for the lost time.
C married to:           متزوج من                        She is married to a millionaire.
@ pass by: a place   يمر بالقرب من                    Are you going to pass by the restaurant?
@pay for: يدفع لـــ                               You should pay for your drink.
@ Pick out : يختار                          Can you pick out a blouse for me to wear in the party?
@ pick up: hear / receive  يستلم         The ship picked up signals for help.
@ play for:       يلعب لــ                         Hamada Imam used to play for Al Zamalik.
@ pleased with:  مسرور من شخص     at (something )  مسرور من شيء             
                  He is pleased with Suzan.               He is pleased at the good result.
@point at/ to  يشير إلي                        Suzy pointed at / to the yellow flower in the garden.
@ point at :   يصوب                            The policeman pointed the gun at the thief.
@ point out: draw attention   يجذب انتباه  The teacher pointed out my spelling mistakes.
@ popular with:  محبوب من                       President Nasser was popular with his people.
@ put out           يطفئ                          The fireman could put out the fire.
 @put on:         يرتدي                           She put on anew dress at the party.
@put off:     يؤجل                               the meeting was put off.
@put up:    يشيد                                 He planned to put up a house near the garden.
@put up with:  يتحمل                         Sometimes we have to put up with our neighbours.
@ prevent from:   يمنع من                  The cover prevents steam ii from escaping.
@ proof of:          برهان علي                This is a proof of my honesty.
@prefer.....to:     يفضل ...عن               I prefer winter to summer.
@ protect… from:  يحمي من                 You should protect your head from the sun.
@ provide with:   يمد بــ                      Cows provide us with milk.
@ proud of:             فخور بــ                I am proud of my country.
L reason for:       سبب لـ                          There is no reason for his absence.
L reason with:    يجادل                        He agreed to come after reasoning with him.
L regard as:       يعتبر                          I always regard him as my friend.
L rely on: [ count on] يعتمد علي         You can rely on me to help you.
L remind of:             يذكر بــ                Please remind me of what I said.
L responsible for :   مسئول عن           Who is responsible for this mistake?
L retire at:      يتقاعد                           He retired at the age of sixty five.
L run after:     يطارد                          The policeman ran after the thief.
L run into:      يقابل                            He ran into his old friend.
Lrun out of: run short of  ينفذ          l have run out of money.
L run over:     يدهس/ يدوس               The car ran over the poor dog.
Q satisfied with:  راضي عن             He is not satisfied with his work.
Qsearch for:       يبحث عن                  I'll search for my lost wallet everywhere.
Qsee off:    يودع                                He went to the airport to see his friend off.
Qsend for:   يرسل في طلب                  Please, send for the doctor at once.
Qset back: انتكاسة                            She had a set back after her recovery.
Qset off:    ينطلق / يبدأ                       Mr. Ahmed set off on a trip round the world.
Qset out:  ينظم                                 The meal was set out on a long table.
Q set out:  يعرض موضوع                  He could set out his ideas clearly.
Q shivering with :    يرتعد من           She was shivering with fear.
Q shoot at:  يطلق علي                        The hunter will shoot at the bird.
Q shout at:   يصرخ في                        The teacher shouted at the pupils.
Q shout to: call to:  ينادي علي            He shouted to me from the other direction.
Q short of:  نقص                                          I am short of money.
Qsimilar to:  مشابه لــ                                    Bread is not similar to cake.
Qsit at:           يجلس علي(أمام)                                The manager is sitting at a big desk.
Q sorry about: (something)  يأسف بسبب       I am sorry about the accident.
Q sorry about / for:  (doing something) يعتذر عن   l am sorry for/about shouting at you.
Q spend on: ينفق علي                                    He spent the money on his holiday.
Q speak to (with):  يتحدث مع                        Could I speak to Bill, please.
Q speak for     يتحدث بالنيابة عن                     The lawyer speaks for people in court.
Q succeed in:  ينجح في                                  She succeeded in getting full marks.
Qsuffer from:  يعاني من                               Many people suffer from anemia.
Q sure about:   متأكد من                               He is sure about the result of the exam.
Q surprised at: مندهش لــ                            He was surprised at his honesty.
Q suspect of:   يشك في                                He suspected his servant of stealing the vase.
[ take after: يشبه                               He took after his father.
[takeoff:      يخلع                                  He took off the shirt to try another one.
[take off:  تقلع(للطائرة)                                    The plane will take off at 7 o’clock.
[take up: يتعلم/يمارس                                       We took up playing the piano.
[take in : {deceive } يخدع                     Don’t be taken in by his promises.
[take out: يخلع                                       He had his tooth taken out by the dentist.
[take out: يخرج                                      I’m taking the children out to the zoo.
[ take over:  يتولى مهمة                                   After the manager had left, Mr. Jack took over.
[ thank… for  يشكر علي                           I thanked my friend for typing the letter.
[ think of / about:  يفكر في                   He always thinks of / about travelling abroad.
[ throw at:      يلقي                                Maha threw the stone at the dog.
[ throw to:     يقذف إلي                           She threw the ball to her but she couldn’t catch it.
[ throw away: يرمي                      Don’t throw cigarette ends away. They may cause fire.
[tired of:    متعب من                                        I  am tired of your stupid remarks.
[ translate ... from  …into:  يترجم إلي     Translate this passage from Arabic into English.
[ tremble with:    يرتعد من                               He was trembling with fever.
[ turn on/off:    يفتح / يغلق                               When did you turnoff the radio?
Z wait for: ينتظر                                  He has been waiting for the bus.
Z walk about:  يتجول                                          They walked about the streets aimlessly.
Z warn (a person) of   / against danger:يحذر    He warned him of/ against driving fast.
Zwear off:     يقل                         l am happy because the pain in my teeth is wearing off.
 Zwhite with:  شاحب بسبب                She was white with fear.
Z worthy of:   جدير بـــ                      He is worthy of the prize.
Z wrong with:   خطأ                          There is something wrong with him.
Z worried about:  قلق علي                   He was worried about his health.
Z write in ink / in pencil: يكتب بــ       Cheques should not be written in pencil.
More Expressions and Prepositions

Mby cheque:                        بالشيك              Will you pay in cash or by cheque?
Mby ( accident / chance):  بالصدفة                     I met him by chance.
Mturn on/off :                         يطفئ                    TV/light/machines etc.
Mby day:  نهارا                                                  He works by day.
Mby :                                    بواسطة                    This story is written by Nagib Mahfouz.
Min love with:                         يحب                     Romeo fell in love with Juliet
Min my opinion:                 فى رأيى                    In my opinion the story was boring.
Mon fire:                              يحترق                     The house was on fire all night.
Mon the phone:                   تليفونيا                     I’ve spoken to her on the phone.
Mon TV / on the radio:                                    I heard the news on the radio.
Mon a diet :                          رجيم                       I want to lose weight. I’ll go on a diet.
Mon strike:                         اضراب                    Workers were on strike yesterday.
Mon business:            فى مهمة عمل                      He traveled to London on business.
Mon holiday:                   فى اجازة                      Now, he is on holiday.
Mfor a walk:                       تمشية                      It is nice to go for a walk in the afternoon.
Min touch with: يكون علي اتصال ب                   I can’t get in touch with you.